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Siam CC Plans Hotel, Golf Academy

Siam CC Plans Hotel, Golf Academy

Paul Myers

April 19th, 2014


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Already firmly established as Thailand’s largest and most successful golf complex, Siam Country Club near Pattaya has two further major projects on the drawing board – an on-site hotel-cum-golf lodge and a US-style golf school, with dormitory-accommodation for aspiring young golfers.

Siam Country Club’s managing director, Prasertchai Phornprapha, has revealed these plans in a video produced for Golf In A Kingdom, a collective of Thailand’s leading golf courses and resorts, of which Siam CC was a founding member.

Khun Chai, who came to the family business a decade ago when the 27-hole Plantation Course was about to open, pays tribute in the video to the foresight and commitment of his grandfather, Dr Thaworn Phornprahpa, in creating the (now) three-course complex more than 40 years ago.

Now, as Siam Country Club opens its third course, Waterside, Khun Chai reveals the club’s future plans.

“We have many things on the drawing board,” he says in the video, “including a small hotel and a golf academy. Not a golf academy where you pay by the hour to learn to play golf. We’re talking about an academy inn the same sense as you see in the United States – a real school, a real dormitory, a real educational program, something that’s geared to being a little more professional. It’s just a matter of time. It’s all in the pipeline. It’s just a matter of what we’re going to build first”.

The video can be seen on YouTube:

Khun Chai

Khun Chai, MD of Siam Country Club

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